ARC-Review: SUCK AND BLOW by Lexxie Couper

Let the games begin…

Talent agent Frankie Winchester is a hellion. Her motto is all a girl needs is a fun time, a fast car and an awesome masseur on speed dial. There’s only one person who could beat her at anything. Alec. Bane of her high-school existence, a kid whose parents were as working class and loving as hers were rich and distant.

When celebrity landscape architect Alec Harris spots Frankie at an exclusive Sydney house party, everything comes rushing back. The memory of being the “cheap-money” kid, trying and failing to prove himself—and impress his dream girl, Frankie Winchester.

Unexpectedly partnered in a wildly sexy game, the delicious friction ignites a scorching sexual tension. But there’s more than a playing card trapped between them. Frankie refuses to admit that kiss shook her to the core. Alec wants nothing less than her full surrender.

Warning: C’mon, the book’s called Suck and Blow. What more warning do you need?

Author: Lexxie Couper
Series: Party Games, book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2011, November 22
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC from author for review

First line:
Francesca-Maree—Frankie—Winchester, had to admit the party was a success.

Memorable Scenes:
– the scene in the powder room during the party > dirty sexy!
– Alec telling Frankie his back-story > the emotional sauce I was waiting for

Francesca-Maree ‘Frankie’ Winchester aka The Gun is an agent to Australian celebrities. I loved Frankie! Beneath her tough girl attitude there’s a woman who’s not as self-assured as she appears. Her upbringing by famous parents put her on a sure course to shallowness and entitlement but she turned out pretty okay. Not in the least because of the hero of this story.

Aleczander ‘Alec’ Harris aka Alley Cat is big and upcoming in the landscaping business. He’s confident, competitive and fought his way up from wrong side of the tracks. Alec is a down-to-earth and what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda guy. His constant challenging Frankie when they were in high school made her into the woman she is now.

SUCK AND BLOW is my second encounter with Lexxie Couper’s work and it was as much, if not more, a pleasure as the first. Her writing is pure, raw and unapologetic and her characters are a joy to read and get to know.

I loved the setup of the romance and the verbal sparring between Alec and Frankie. And boy, the sex scenes were off the charts hot. Frankie and Alec are perfectly matched and challenge each other constantly, bringing out the best in one another.

The collection of secondary characters is very, very interesting and they made me wish for this series to go on for a long while after this first installment as there are quite some fascinating pairings to make. (Fortunately for me a little birdie told me there are going to be at least 2 more books after the 2nd one, by the fabulous Rhian Cahill, in this series. This made me a very, very happy reader.)

SUCK AND BLOW is another winner for Lexxie Couper. It’s sexy, scorching and fast-paced. It gave me a few very pleasurable reading hours as I couldn’t stop reading. I loved the characters, I loved the romance, I almost drooled at the sexiness of Alec and I’m yearning for the next Party Games book like an addict for her next fix.

Favorite Quotes:
As if he felt her stare, Alec swung his head in her direction, his brilliant blue eyes—still the colour of a cloudless summer day—finding her with ease.
Her heart just didn’t thump harder in her throat, it damn near tried to slam its way out of her body through her mouth.

She sucked in her breath, the sudden gasp fixing the playing card to her lips. His fingers scalded her through the supple leather of her pants, his grip loose and relaxed and far from suggestive. So why was her heart thumping so hard? Why was her p#ssy fluttering like a psychotic horde of ADHD butterflies?

He kissed her, not even remotely interested in reigning in his hunger. […] He reckoned if he were lucky, he’d get one good thrust into Frankie’s heat before he’d erupt. The best thing he could do now was show her just how bloody much he wanted her, show her just how goddamn wild she made him before he embarrassed himself beyond all salvation.

She opened her eyes and turned to him, doing her damnedest to not notice that he was dressed again and so goddamn sexy to look at it was like visual Viagra, or whatever the hell the chick’s version of Viagra was.
Oh, Francesca, you are in so much trouble.

She did as he told her, laying her arms flat on the bed above her head, her hands loosely open, palms to the ceiling.
She did as he told her, laying her arms flat on the bed above her head, her hands loosely open, palms to the ceiling.
“Very good. Now, this is the way it’s going to go, Ms Winchester. I am going to explore every inch of this sexy, f#ckable body of yours from head to toe. I’m going to put my tongue wherever I want to. I’m going to bite whatever I want to. I’m going to suck whatever I want to, and you’re not going to move.”
[…] “And if I do move?”
A wicked gleam filled Alec’s eyes, the sides of his mouth curling into a slow smile. Devilish, that was the only word Frankie could think of to describe it. Devilish.
No, there was another. Untamed.
“If you move, I will flip you onto your stomach, lift your butt into the air and smack its tight, firm perfection until you beg me to f#ck you.”


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