QuickScore-Review: MERRICK’S DESTINY by Moira Rogers

Merrick Wood is a wild man–literally. For six decades he’s stalked the Rocky Mountains as a bloodhound, fighting a losing battle against the vampires who have taken over most of the American frontier. He’s sure he’s seen it all, until an airship crash leaves him caught behind enemy lines with a concussion and a mate he doesn’t remember taking.

Paralee Colton is a wild woman. She enjoys her freedom and makes a good living flying over the Deadlands. Until, that is, bloodsuckers shoot down her ship, and she’s forced to deal with an irritatingly attractive man who isn’t a man at all.

Trapped together in the wilderness, Merrick and Paralee must fight to find a safe camp before the new moon drags Merrick into three days of sexual madness. But as enticing as Paralee finds the bloodhound, she doesn’t realize the stakes of their courtship game.

Getting out of the Deadlands is only half of Merrick’s battle for survival. If he can’t convince Paralee to stay with him, he’ll follow the footsteps of every bloodhound who’s ever lost a mate–straight into the grave.

Author: Moira Rogers
Series: Bloodhounds, book 1.5 (A short story set between Wilder’s Mate and Hunter’s Prey)
Genre: I’ll give it a shot: Historical Western Paranormal Steampunk Romance
Publisher: All Romance eBooks
Year of release: 2012, February 12
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC from author for review

First line: The first time Merrick Wood laid eyes on his mate, she was sitting on top of him, her hands sliding quickly over his chest.

Memorable Scenes:
– the scene in the cave the first night after their crash > the banter was awesome and that first kiss…wow!


A sassy airship pilot and a seasoned Bloodhound turn out to be mated and they are left to find their way to safety after their airship crashes in the middle of Vampire and Ghoul territory.

The start of this book was awesome. I was immediately thrown back in the fascinating world of the Bloodhounds. I don’t know why but I loved how Merrick called Paralee “sweet girl” all the time and I fell for Merrick more every time he’s say it.

MERRICK’S DESTINY is written in the same easy, humorous Moira Rogers writing style as the first story. Since it’s a very short story there is not much of the continuation of the plot or world building from the first book. But I can’t say I minded that so much as it left plenty of pages devoted to the romance.And we all know how much I love my romance.

I’m so glad Alisha Rai talked me into reading WILDER’S MATE, because otherwise I would’ve missed out on a great Moira Rogers’ series. This is a series with fiery, independent women, wild dirty-mouthed bloodhounds and enough heat to keep me warm on a cold wintry night.

Favorite Quotes:
“I don’t want you to be sorry,” she snapped. “I want you to have your wits about you. You’re a bloodhound, and we’re stuck in the Deadlands. I need you.”
Merrick gritted his teeth against the swell of feral satisfaction the words brought. His beastly half had the sense of an animal in heat, and no wit to appreciate nuance. Her I need you wasn’t sweet submission. It was ruthless practicality, and the plain truth.

“What’s the…” She followed his gaze and snorted. “New moon, huh? All the more reason to make it back to civilization. There’s a lovely whorehouse in Denver, you know—wall-to-wall French women who’ll gladly stick their tongues places you didn’t even know you had. Or so I hear.”

She brushed her thumb over his lower lip and met his gaze, then bent and pressed her mouth to his.
He’d been less aroused at the bottom of a pile of naked women, and it wasn’t even a dirty kiss. It was slow and soft, his hissing cat melting into a warm armful of purring woman.
She wasn’t the only one purring. The damned beast inside him might as well have bared its belly in submission, all of its usual violence and impatience leashed in favor of enjoying the sweet, nervous taste of her.

“Bed.” He lowered her to the floor, but he didn’t ease his tight grip around her waist. “When I let go, go upstairs.” The words were a low rumble, and he ducked to catch her gaze with his wild eyes. “Don’t run. For the love of God, do not run or I will take you on the damn stairs.”

3 thoughts on “QuickScore-Review: MERRICK’S DESTINY by Moira Rogers

  1. I’ve been wanting to read this, but still hesitate because of the erotic parts. And not really into steampunk either. But I am glad you like it :)

  2. @Aurian You know, I can’t read Steampunk…not for me…but this series? I love it. The steampunk elements aren’t overly present which makes it easier for me to read. And what erotic parts? It’s not erotic romance IMO…

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