QuickScore-Review: BETTING HEARTS by Dee Tenorio

He’s never lost a bet in his life but she’s playing for keeps!

Cassandra Bishop’s boyfriend is back. Only problem is…she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Or his new fiancée. What the confirmed tomboy would like is to wring his neck. She might have done it, too, if he hadn’t filled her in on the embarrassing truth that he’d left her at the altar because she wasn’t woman enough to satisfy him. Her pride nearly settled for punching him in the nose…until she thought of something better—proving him wrong.

High on Burke Hallifax’s list of cataclysmic nightmares is having to look at his best friend as a real female. But when her ex-fiancé makes his wedding a personal vendetta against Cass, Burke has no choice but to bet everything on her ability to out hot-girl the competition. Unfortunately, the entire town is betting as well—on whether Burke and Cass can pull off the makeover of the century…without losing their hearts in the process.

Author: Dee Tenorio
Series: Rancho Del Cielo, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Samhain, Publishing
Year of release: 2006, June 6
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Samhain eBook-store

First line:
“If I asked you to have sex with me, would you do it?”

Memorable Scenes:
– Cass punching Luke in the nose > priceless!
– the pretend date > loved it, especially the dancing bit…
– Alice going into labor at the wedding > I laughed so hard I cried!


A headstrong tomboy heroine and a perfectionist, put together hero are the main characters of this friends-to-lovers romance which is the first installment in small-town set series.

This is a friends to lovers but not the type where one of the two has been in love with the other and pining for them for a long time. They’re really only friends at the beginning and the transition to lovers is a gradual one that finds them at exactly the same level.

I loved seeing Burke all disconcerted when he starts having and noticing sexual desire towards for Cass. I was also surprised at how oblivious he was to recognizing his feelings for Cass as love.

Humor, it’s one of the elements that can make or break a book for me and in this case it totally made the book. I loved the easy humor between Burke and Cass and how they relentlessly teased each other. But I also loved the dialogues and banter between Cass and her brother Hayne and between Hayne and Burke.

BETTING HEARTS is one of the best friends-to-lovers romance I’ve read in quite a while.

Favorite Quotes:
Cass flinched at the familiar sound of his gravelly voice. Some men sounded smoky, some men spoke rough. Burke spoke with a lazy rumble and grind she could only compare to mountain lions. This morning, he might well have been a garbage disposal ripping up quarters.

“Excuse me?” the Pomeranian asked, eyes wide enough to pop.
Cass gave the woman a fleeting glance. “I would, honey, but that hairdo can’t be forgiven.”

“The reason you don’t feel like a girl isn’t because you aren’t one. It’s not because everyone sees you a certain way. It’s because you don’t see yourself a certain way. You don’t know your own sensuality and until you do, nothing we bought today is going to create it for you.” (Alice to Cass)

All the dishes were put away by the time Cass arrived, so Burke didn’t know how long he was going to be able to hide in the kitchen. And he didn’t in the slightest feel bad about hiding. It was the only thing a man could do when overcome by a libido completely without sense. Opening the door to Cass was like discovering the most erotic Christmas ever, in the middle of April.
She wasn’t supposed to have legs that went on for miles. They certainly weren’t supposed to be shapely and exposed. Even May Belle’s dress was of a sensible length. This little blue number had no idea what the meaning of sensibility was. Or gravity, for that matter. He bet if she bent over at all, anyone behind her would think it was Christmas, too.


2 thoughts on “QuickScore-Review: BETTING HEARTS by Dee Tenorio

  1. @Aurian > I think you would, these books are similar to Keri Ford’s but IMO better because they’re intenser on the emotion. They are sexy but not overly erotic.

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