Review: LOVE ME TOMORROW by Dee Tenorio

As their passion catches fire, so does a killer’s vengeance…

In the sleepy town of Rancho Del Cielo, a killer arsonist is targeting firefighter Josh Whittaker’s friends, family and most importantly—the love of his life.

As fires encircle Josh’s life, his troubles mount. His best friend is dead. The woman he’d give his life to protect is pregnant. Secrets he’s held on to for years are spilling free. If he could just find his equilibrium, he could pull himself together. What he doesn’t know is that someone is dead-set on tearing everything he knows apart.

Losing a lifelong friend has finally awakened Miranda McTiernan to how much of her life has been spent in limbo. Now that she’s pregnant, a dream she never believed could happen, the reality isn’t quite what she’d expected. Instead of being happy and secure, she’s scared and hiding a secret that could ruin the future she’s worked so hard to create.

Author: Dee Tenorio
Series: Rancho Del Cielo, book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2009, February 3
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Samhain eBook-store

First line:
Oh, hell.” Josh might have stood a chance at avoiding the slim redhead on his front porch if he had seen her hand on the threshold before he slammed the heavy oak door on it.

(*decided to go with first chapter instead of prologue because prologue starts in first person narrative but the majority of the book is in third person)

Memorable Scenes:
– Miranda explaining to Josh she was going to use promiscuity to find a man to father the baby she wanted > this sounds bad but it was an awesome and funny scene!
– Miranda on the storewide intercom at the grocery store > Go Miranda!
– Miranda and Josh at the hospital > when Miranda wants an explanation from Josh why he can’t love her, my heart broke for her
– Danny’s letters > I cried…

First and foremost I must say: What a brilliant opening of a book! I was immediately drawn into the story. The suspense with the arsonist was excellently done and incorporated in the story. I even liked the villain’s small pieces of 1st person POV popping up throughout the story.

But the story, of course, is about Miranda McTiernan and Josh Whittaker. Miranda has a temper, she’s redhead firecracker and she’s sharp-witted. Josh is a more complex character. He’s stubborn, short-fused and sometimes a bit of an ass, even if it’s due to his concern for Miranda. But he definitely grew on me during the story. Not everyone will like Josh and Miranda but I did. They are flawed and I loved reading these flawed characters’ journey to their HEA.

I was a little confused at first about how Josh, Danny and Miranda were connected seeing as there’s a mention of friends but also former fiancé. There’s hinting of stuff that happened in the past, this intrigued me and I wanted to know exactly what had happened. Loved how their connections were revealed.

Halfway through the story I was really wondering how these two hurting and broken people were ever going to get their HEA, with an arsonist out to get Josh and his loved ones on top of their emotional struggle. I feared the worst and hoped for the best and I got the best! Those last few chapters took my breath away! I’m still in awe of how Dee Tenorio set up, built and wrapped up the suspense part of the story.

LOVE ME TOMORROW is a great mix of romantic comedy and suspense and emotions. There were moments I laughed out loud, moments my heart was pounding from the suspense and moments my heartstrings were severely tugged by the heavy emotions that were present on every page.

Dee Tenorio never fails to deliver on emotion. Even in a book that has enough funny moments she never skids around heavy subjects. She interlaces them in a non-intrusive way into the rest of the story, giving the reader a full experience. Under the disguise of light humor there’s a deeply, dark at times even, emotional story.

Favorite Quotes:
She’d kissed him before, so long ago that he’d almost fooled himself into thinking it wasn’t very memorable. It all came rushing back now, though. He deepened the kiss, running his tongue gingerly across her bottom lip, asking for entrance, which she willingly gave. His arms tightened on her waist, pulling her closer, making a tiny moan escape her. Her fingers wound their way into his hair, twirling his nerves like a yo-yo string. The kiss quickly escalated from gentle to a raging, breathless embrace.

“At least when we put out meat, you have a general idea what part of the animal it came from. Last time I ate with your family, your Dad tried to feed me some poor animal’s crispy fried ass.”
Raul laughed, getting out of the chair as Josh led the way back into the house. “You don’t know what you were missing, man. Just wait ’til he makes you some brain. Madre de dio, you’ll die, it’s so good.”
“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.”

She opened her mouth more for him, whimpered at the urgency building inside her. His kiss grew hungrier. Demanding. So she gave. Her heart, her soul, she offered into that one unending kiss.

Only Miranda could drug him with a kiss. Her soft lips drew all his reason and logic out like poison from his soul, leaving him wrecked and senseless, unable to do anything but come back for another taste of her.

“You love me, Josh. I know you love me. Sometimes I’ve wondered—a girl kind of has to when the man she wants pushes her away all the time. But the truth has always been there, staring me in the eyes. It’s why I could never get over you. You give me just enough to keep me hanging on. To keep me from really loving anyone else. It’s not that you don’t love me. It’s that you won’t love me and I want to know why.”

“Could the two of you just kiss or something? You’re making me sick over here,” Raul complained, reaching into his back waistband for his walkie-talkie.
(…) “Dispatch, I need a rescue here,” Raul continued next to them.
(…) The woman’s voice at dispatch responded with a sharp crackle. “Name your emergency, Captain.”
(…) “Yeah, Lieutenant Whittaker is seriously screwing up his marriage proposal. The bride is likely to fall asleep or go into labor before he finishes. I might have to take over for him, please advise.”
Josh reached over for the walkie. “Lieutenant Whittaker is doing just fine. But Captain Montenga might need assist getting his head out of his ass. Over.”


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