Requested-Review: HUNTER’S PREY by Moira Rogers

“He can’t fight his inner beast, but she can tame it. “

Ophelia retired from life as a prostitute, but her new position is even more complicated. Managing the bloodhound manor in Iron Creek is difficult and time-consuming, a job she enjoys less with each passing day. Then there’s her inconvenient attraction to Hunter. The newly turned hound seems eager to enjoy her company, but wary of anything more intimate.

Having survived the violence of his first full moon out of a cage, Hunter isn’t looking forward to his first new moon. Ophelia offers to be the woman who sates his needs during the three long days of sexual fury, but he can’t abide the thought of hurting her in a state of mindless lust. Especially since she longs to settle into a respectable life, and his needs are anything but respectable.

Their mutual goal is simple: avoid entanglements. It’s a solid plan, at least until a vampire drug lord and a couple of nosy Guild representatives force them to work together to defend their friends and everything they hold dear-including each other.

Warning: Contains a mostly feral, vampire-hunting hero and a tough survivor of a heroine whose retired-hooker heart is more steel than gold. Also included: dangerous frontier intrigue, fancy brothels, mad-scientist weapons and a good dose of wicked loving in an alternate Wild West.

Author: Moira Rogers
Series: Bloodhounds, book 2
Genre: Mix of paranormal, steam-punk, historical romance…I really can’t name it
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2012, March 6
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC from author for review

First line:
Fifty vampires filled the canyon below, the press of their dead auras so rank Hunter wondered when fur would sprout from his skin.

Memorable Scenes:
– the scene where Ophelia and Hunter discuss Hunter’s wishes for the new moon > the chemistry was palpable and this was the moment I fell for Hunter
– the first love scene > awesomeness!

A retired prostitute and a newly turned Bloodhound are the heroine and hero of this second book of the Bloodhounds. Having met both characters in the first book I was pleased to discover the second book was about them.

I really loved the first scene as it set the mood and helped me get the feel of the first book and novella that preceded HUNTER’S PREY. And I also enjoyed revisiting Satira and Wilder as they were the ones who got me invested in this series in a genre that I normally don’t rush to read.

Funny enough and much to my shame, while reading this book I made very little notes on the characters and since I’m writing this review months and months after reading the book, it’s hard to bring it all back. I do remember I really liked Hunter and Ophelia together and I definitely fell for Hunter. I also remember feeling that the build up of the romance was a little bit rushed it felt a bit sudden. To me it was like one moment they were friendly housemates and the next they were tumbling into bed and having intense emotions between them.

HUNTER’S PREY turned out to be my favorite in this series to date. I suspect that’s because it was much more focused on the romance than the other (world building) elements and in my opinion the steam-punk element was dialed down considerably. This was the element I least enjoyed in the previous installments so logically I would love this book better. I really look forward to the next book as the hero is Archer and I have a thing for Archer ever since the first book.

I still wonder why I’m so attracted to this series but have decided not to question it because it’s simple: I enjoy the writing, the characters, the humor and the romance, and isn’t that all a romance reading addict needs?

Favorite Quotes:

“Maybe we weren’t born to belong to human men.” Sylvie settled on the arm of the couch and raised both eyebrows. “Could you? You’ve been under a bloodhound. Could you settle for quiet, human lust when you’ve had a wild beast stalk your pleasure like the sweetest prey?”

Under the madness, a man struggled to remember his name. Struggled to remember what names were, why words were important. They tumbled from his mouth beyond his control, sleek and seductive, crude and cunning.

Watching, waiting, the beast guarded his mate. Counted her breaths and stroked her hair, and the man struggled to understand gentleness in the midst of unrelenting need.
Fear fractured. Pieces fell away, and the beast slipped into the man as the man slipped into the beast.

Note from reviewer:
Even though the rating image says “GOOD READ” (since that’s how I set up my system) I’d like to qualify this book as a VERY GOOD READ!

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