QuickScore-Review: HOT NUMBER by V.K. Sykes

Geeky but brilliant college professor Sadie Bligh has failed once again to win the most prestigious award in mathematics. All she has to show for her life’s work is a flat-lined career and a non-existent social life. So when her best friend suggests a wild week in Las Vegas, gambling and hooking up with hot guys, Sadie decides she has nothing to lose.

But Sadie’s first night in Vegas involves an unfortunate run-in with a mojito and a poker table, drawing the attention of the casino’s deputy chief of security. Nick Saxon thinks Sadie’s a problem, but she thinks he’s incredibly sexy. Since she’s come to Vegas to let loose, Nick just might fit the bill.

With a sick mother to care for and a boss who hates his guts, Nick has enough on his plate, and the bundle of mayhem called Sadie Bligh spells nothing but trouble. She’s also funny and smart, and the sexual energy between them could light up the Vegas strip. But when she’s fingered for counting cards at the blackjack table, Nick is faced with a stark choice: protect her and risk getting fired, or toss her out on her sweet behind and risk never seeing her again.

Author: V.K. Sykes
Series: standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published, Rock-It Reads
Year of release: 2012, April 10
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC from author for review

First line:
“Sadie, you do not look like a hooker,” Cassie said. “You look sexy.”

Last line:
“Shut up and kiss me, Sheriff. That’s an order.”
“Whatever you say, Professor.” And he did.

Memorable Scenes:
– Sadie’s stumbling on her high-heeled boots > the crashing head first into a poker table was the ultimate highlight
– Nick and Sadie’s first sexual encounter > beautifully written sex scene: hot with a subtle humorous touch


Sadie Bligh is a mathematician and math professor. She lives in the shadow of her famous and professionally acclaimed father. She has a knack for awkward behavior like babbling and clumsiness like falling over her own feet.

Nick Saxon is an ex-Marine turned casino security officer. He’s gruff and quiet but also has a soft, caring side that balances him out.

I loved Sadie and Nick together. Their chemistry and banter was lovely to read. The love scenes were very good. They were tasteful and fitting the story. And the author took the time to beautifully describe the sensuality and emotions. I like elaborate love scenes and this author provided me with a satisfactory amount of them. I did notice this author had a particular penchant for water as 2 of the 3 sex scenes were set in a place to do with water (pool, shower).

I definitely enjoyed this book. It took me a long time to read but that had nothing to do with the book as I started reading it right before we moved house. I really liked the Vegas backdrop. As fascinated as I am with casinos in general, and Vegas in particular I enjoyed reading about them.

I have more books by this author on Mt.TBR and after this first taste I am certainly looking forward to reading more.

Favorite Quotes:
Righting herself, Sadie was on the verge of blurting out an apology when she felt her mouth drop open in shock. The man had no neck! It had never occurred to her that a member of the human species could lack a neck, but his wide, square head appeared to be directly bolted onto a set of extremely broad and muscular shoulders. Clamping her lips shut, she realized he must be a football player or a wrestler, or some other manifestation of overdeveloped musculature. Even so, this man seemed in a class all his own.

Sadie’s tolerance ran out a few minutes later when Todd slid his hand onto her thigh. She gave it a hard slap—harder than she’d intended. “And what exactly led you to conclude that I would welcome your paw on my leg?” she snapped in her best schoolmarm voice.

Nick gave a particularly deep, hard, and delicious suck on her nipple, drawing her back into an arch.
“Oh…oh!” she gasped. “That’s, so, so…” Her voice trailed off as her head fell back against the wall with a gentle thud. It kind of hurt, but the party going on between her thighs more than made up for it.

Her anxiety made her seek reassurance in a joke. “Are you saying I’m a cold fish?”
Nick laughed. “Hell, no. Baby, I’m so hard right now I want to throw you on the bed, spread those pretty legs wide, and ride you till I make you come at least three times.”

Sex made you tingle and ache with wanting. It made you sizzle and burn with passion, crying out with need and glowing with satisfaction when it was over.


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