Guest-Post: Bree and Donna talk about being Moira Rogers

Today a warm welcome to Bree and Donna! The authors that form Moira Rogers. As part of their Blog-Tour for the release of the newest installment in the Bloodhounds Series: ARCHER’S LADY, I asked them to talk about how it’s like to write as a team. First let me give you their bios (both official and unofficial because the unofficial ones are so funny) so you get to know them a little and then enjoy these two witty, talented ladies!!

The Official Bio
How do you make a Moira Rogers? Take a former forensic science and nursing student obsessed with paranormal romance and add a computer programmer with a passion for gritty urban fantasy. Toss in a dash of whimsy and a lot of caffeine, and enjoy with a side of chocolate by the light of the full moon.

By day, Bree and Donna are mild-mannered ladies who reside in the Deep South. At night, when their husbands and children are asleep, they combine forces to unleash the product of their fevered imaginations upon the page. To learn more about this romance writing, crime fighting duo, visit their webpage at (Disclaimer: crime fighting abilities may appear only in the aforementioned fevered imaginations.)

Unofficial Bio: Bree
After devoting several years and at least seventeen percent of her sanity to getting a degree in Computer Science, Bree quit her job as a database programmer to enjoy the crazy life of a full-time writer. She is interested in paranormal romance, urban fantasy, sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic tales and any book that tells her how to: knit, crochet, felt, bead, silkscreen, sew, quilt, cook, bake, do woodwork, make stained glass, or program computers.

In spite of the fact that she is still an enormous geek, she cannot operate her own VCR and has to ask Donna what her cell phone number is at least once a week.

Unofficial Bio: Donna
As the mother of two toddlers, Donna also spends her days trying to create order from chaos. When chaos is sleeping, she enjoys reading, watching television, listening to music, and cooking, usually in some odd simultaneous combination.

As a writer, Donna spends half her time trying to wrangle muses who are actually more unmanageable than her children, and the other half trying to explain her bizarre plot ideas to Bree in a sensible, coherent fashion. She’s trying to do better with both.

Bree: When Pearl asked us to write about what it’s like to write together as a team, I was both excited and a little nervous. Mostly because this is both the easiest AND hardest question we ever get. Unfortunately, the easy answer wouldn’t be interesting, because it would just be: carefully!

Donna: Like handling explosives! All good partnerships should be described thusly, I believe.

Bree: And things will explode sometimes.

Donna: It’s unavoidable. Luckily, those explosions are metaphorical.

Bree: This is a tough business, and often a subjective one. There are rarely easy, clear answers, and when we come down on opposite sides of an idea, it means compromise. Eventually.

Donna: Which may seem lamentable, but is actually a good thing. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Okay, so I doubt they were talking about the continual meshing of creative vision…but still.

Bree: Coming up with bad ideas is part of the creative process. Having someone around who can poke holes in them before you get too attached is a really good thing.

Donna: But a writing partner isn’t just a human leash to keep you from writing a 500,000 epic about three-headed aliens coming to Earth to mate with fig trees. The greatest thing about a partnership is the inspiration! When that vague thought you had in the shower goes from nebulous to “OMG, that’s it!” with a few words: “Hmm. You know, we COULD do THIS…”

Bree: Yes. And that’s how the Bloodhounds series began. I’m pretty sure I’m the one who said, “I want to do a series with some old school gothic paranormal. Terrifying vampires and wolf-men!” But if I’d been alone, it could have stopped there.

Donna: Uh-huh. But since I’m here too, you get Wild West gunslingers and hookers in the mix. (Pretty sure that’s not exactly how it went, because Bree’s pretty obsessed with hookers too. But gunslingers? I’ll cop to that.)

Bree: Ha! And the alchemy and mad scientists could have been either of us, too. And that might be the funniest–and best–part of what we do. By the time it’s over, there’s no, “her part” and “my part”…just our part. A few months after a book is finalized, I couldn’t tell you which of us wrote most of the lines in it.

Donna: You know, sometimes when people ask me about a line and I say I don’t remember who wrote it, they think I’m being evasive or overly modest or something. No, really–I don’t know!

Bree: Though there some lines in the Bloodhounds series I’ll always remember Donna writing…because she IMd me flailing over how crude Wilder was or how obscene Archer was. ;)

Donna: SERIOUSLY. Those guys. Sheesh.

Bree: But that might be my favorite part about writing with a partner. There’s always someone to flail at. Or squee with. Or cry, if it comes to that.

Donna: And let’s face it–always someone who’s got your back!


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