Review: TWISTER by Lexxie Couper

Getting the upper hand—and foot—was never this naughty.

As the man who snared the reins of his father’s global media empire and propelled it to new heights, Lachlan McDermott is accustomed to people jumping to obey his every command. He knows he is painted as handsome, arrogant and influential with the power of information at his control. But no one knows he’s got a weakness. Only one. And now, that weakness is in his house. Braless.

Über successful fashion photographer Cameron Winters used to be the super-model known only as Kole. But Kole dropped out of sight a long time ago. Only one thing can bring Cameron out of her self-imposed exile from public life: a man who doesn’t know she exists.

The trouble is, when Cameron comes face to face with Lachlan at an exclusive Sydney party, he immediately brings out the “Kole” in her. And Kole doesn’t bow down to anyone. Not even the one man who monopolizes her fantasies.

When they’re pitted against each other on the Twister mat, surrender isn’t part of the deal, and getting tangled up is only the beginning. Especially when their secrets keep getting in the way.

Product Warnings:
Read in private. Contains a sexy, brooding, smoldering, dominating Australian Alpha male hero who will make you want to take your clothes off and beg to play.

Author: Lexxie Couper
Series: Party Games, book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2012, July 3
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Samhain’s eBook-store

First line:
The engine throbbed between Lachlan McDermott’s legs—low and powerful and animalistic.

Last line:
As far as Lachlan was concerned, the whole bloody world could photograph them this way.

Memorable Scenes:
– the round of Twister between Cam and Lachlan > it was an awesome display of sexual tension and what followed after was beyond hot
– the scene at the soccer field > awww Lachlan, you sweet man disguised as a cool cucumber… And then it got so red-hot sexy my brain melted… And then the sh#t hit the fan!

Cameron ‘Cam’ Winters is the former supermodel Kole but a traumatic experience caused her to retreat into anonymity as she turned to fashion photography. Pegging Cam’s characters was a challenge for me as it was a back and forth between the flirty, sarcastic model, Kole versus a more insecure, emotionally guarded Cameron. However both personas were confident, defiant, independent and vulnerable.

Lachlan McDermott is a successful global media mogul. His past experience caused him to implement a strict no dating models rule. However, when he discovers Cam is the same person as the model of his wet dreams when he was young, it turns hard to stick to this self-imposed rule. Lachlan is inscrutable, merciless, in control, alpha to the bone, powerful and emotionally tied in knots. He’s a no-nonsense kind of man, but also protective and caring.

Both Lachlan and Cameron have had issues in their teens of sexual harassment and in Cameron’s case even assault. I thought Lexxie Couper addressed this very well in the book.

There are stories where the whole hot-and-cold, push-and-pull spiel between hero and heroine doesn’t work for me. TWISTER was not such a story. Because of the back-stories intermingled brilliantly with the heat and chemistry from the very beginning, I expected it and understood why both Lachlan and Cam would go off at the blink of an eye like that, triggered by either each other or something outside what’s going on between them. They have this emotional “I’ll hurt you before you can hurt me”-vibe going and both have this shield build around their heart, and they are the only ones capable of putting dents in that shield and even taking it down. This made them such great characters and lifted this novella to a whole other level.

The hints dropped about Lachlan’s half-sister Lillian and his best friend Mac, had me pining for the next story in this series, Rhian Cahill’s SPIN THE BOTTLE and I can’t wait to dive into that one! The friendship between Lachlan and Mac is a strong one and it made their banter great to read. It added a lot to the humorous side of the book. Lillian and Mac were also the most prominently present secondary characters as the story mainly focused on Lachlan and Cam’s journey to their HEA.

With TWISTER I was once again reacquainted with Lexxie Couper’s amazing, raw, carnal and unapologetic writing style. There’s no sugarcoating and there are no euphemisms, she lets her characters tell it like it is. There’s a lot of the LC trademark ‘p*ssy fluttering’ going on in this book but it doesn’t take away from the hidden depth of the characters or the story!

In the first few pages of the book there’s so much intriguing information and back-story, I was hooked immediately and couldn’t wait to get to the rest. TWISTER is one sexy book, the heat enough to set a reader on fire from spontaneous combustion and sensory overload. Combined with intense emotions and characterization it made this novella complete and outstanding.

Favorite Quotes:

The woman chuckled. Low. Throaty. Sensual. Lachlan’s dick responded to the sound. His dick, his balls, his pulse…everything that could get harder and faster and tighter did . “Who are you?”

Cameron whimpered. What more could she do? The sheer pleasure surging through her at Lachlan’s possession of her mouth made it impossible to do anything else except whimper her submission and kiss him back.

There was nothing threatening in this, despite his dominating position. Why, Cameron didn’t know. It was carnal need, elemental desire, raw lust, feverish hunger, but not threatening intent. It awoke in her an aching want she’d long forgotten. Long believed unnecessary.

She was sweetness and softness and smoldering sensuality. She was sin and temptation and vice. She was the fire and the tinder that feed the flame. He’d wanted her for a lifetime. Dreamt of her. Ached for her. Since his balls dropped and his voice cracked, Kole had been his fantasy.

Her tongue touched his. No, not just touched, mated. Her tongue mated with his, wild and untamed in its strokes. Lachlan groaned into her mouth, hauling her harder to his body as he met her fierce passion with his own. He’d kissed her many times last night, but none meant what this kiss meant. This kiss spoke the words his mind had only barely begun to fathom—he was in love with her. On every level. He lusted after her, desired her, ached for her and existed for her. This kiss told him all those things and more.

He let out a slow breath, watching her go. There wasn’t a hope in hell he was getting it up any time soon, but that didn’t stop every other molecule in his body responding to her. It also didn’t mean he couldn’t spend the next however long it took doing wicked things to her body. Things to make her moan and writhe and beg for more. Things to make her whimper his name the way he loved so much.
Things to make her ache for him so much when he told her he loved her she wouldn’t laugh in his face.
Things to show her just how truthful he was being when he said he was hers.

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