QuickScore-Review: THE HEELS MADE ME by K.J. Reed

Following an impulse, Charlotte shows up on base with a surprise to rock her husband’s world. After a long seven months, this deployment is about to end with a slam-bang homecoming. Right. Now.

From the author’s website: When writing this story, KJ used her experiences from previous homecomings with her own husband to fill in the actual landscape of the scenes. No, not the actual physical intimacy. But the place where they meet up, the sounds, the feelings. The way the buildings were arranged, how the busses pulled in. All taken from previous experiences.

The actual idea behind the high heels, and therefore the story as it unraveled in KJ’s mind, came from the news itself. A woman was photographed wearing sexy pink heels to her husband’s homecoming, and it started a firestorm of controversy. Some thought it was a sweet way to show a wife’s excitement for a long-awaited moment. Others thought it was over-sexualized and made military spouses into sex symbols. Whichever side of the coin you end up on, the story sparked something for KJ about a wife’s happy homecoming.

Author: KJ Reed
Series: A Sapphire Nights “Dirty Bits” Short Story
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Year of release: 2011, October 31
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Smashwords

First line:
Charlotte tugged on the belt of her spring jacket then smoothed down the back again, just to reassure herself the fabric hadn’t flipped up.

Memorable Scenes:
The whole story since it was so short is was practically one scene

A superhot story in which peep-toe stilettos play a major role? I was a goner before I even started reading :)
It was short, it was hot and it was excellently written. I need more! Stat!

Favorite Quotes:

The heels. The red peep-toe stilettos. The ones that, when she’d been shopping for a sensible pair of flats, had whispered across the store, “Take me home. I’ll make your fantasies come true.”

“Do you want a hug, Jeff? Because, personally, I’d rather you f#ck me. Now.”
She almost choked on the words, demanding sex in such a vulgar way. But she instantly knew the choice was right when Jeff’s eyes lit with fire, morphing from hurt and anger to heat and lust in an instant.

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