Review: VIRGIN TERRITORY by Cari Quinn

Network analyst by day, erotic romance writer by night, Vincent Buonfiglio is dealing with a work-in-progress that has gone colder than winter in his hometown of Ridgley, North Dakota. So what does a man who needs to write hot do to get cranking?

Search out a woman for a night of no-strings sex, of course.

But his choice of partner, Katherine “Kiki” Wyatt, manager of the Quikky Snak Gas & Lube, isn’t biting. Flirting over his nightly chili dog is one thing. But a date? Sex? Not happening. Dangerously sexy geeks are off-limits no matter what they might have to offer outside the bedroom.

When an armed gunman changes everything, will deadlines, exes, and mind-blowing sex prove opposites don’t always attract or allow two unlikely lovers to pen a happy ending?

Author: Cari Quinn
Series: standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Year of release: 2012 April 13
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via ARe eBookstore

First line:
“I said I’m not interested.”

Memorable Scenes:
– Vincent buying condoms to ruffle Kiki’s feathers > hilarious!
– When Kiki walks in on Vincent watching porn (for research) with his hand down his pants > did not see that one coming *lol*

Katherine “Kiki” Wyatt is a manager at a gas station. She’s direct and outspoken and secretly crushing on a regular customer, Vincent Buonfiglio.
Kiki is convinced Vincent is a player so she is okay with flirting with him but nothing more.

Vincent Buonfiglio/Vicenza Bishop is a network analyst and erotic romance writer. He has a quirky sense of humor. He’d say things that made me go: Really? He did not just say that :). He also seemed very focused in getting laid, Vincent uses sex to spark his writing and bring back the muse. This amused me highly.

Everyone who reads my reviews knows by now I have a passion for Cari Quinn’s writing and I love her books. This book however didn’t work for me as I wanted it to. Was it that my expectations were too high when I read the blurb and saw so much potential in a computer analyst/erotic romance author hero?
Was it that it was a sexy book but for me lacked the intensity I adore in Cari’s books? Was it that I felt like Cari’s voice was different in this book? Was it that the humor was different, almost forced? Maybe it was all of the above.

I don’t think I liked it when Kiki called the romances Vincent writes chick porn… Moreover seen as she reads them. I dislike having people in my personal life calling them that and having to argue that romance isn’t chick porn. So reading it in a romance novel kinda made me cringe and sad.

I also know that had it been an unknown author to me I would have DNF-ed the book after a few chapters but this was a Cari Quinn book dammit, so I powered through because I know Cari can deliver and I was hopeful the turning point would surely come. Unfortunately it didn’t for me.

I can’t pinpoint it, I just know I hate that I just liked the book and didn’t LOVE it. The chemistry between Vincent and Kiki is awesome. They fight it and at first can’t seem to talk without it turning into a battle of wits. I also loved the secondary cast with Vincent’s grandmother and Kiki and Vincent’s friends and co-workers. However, this one just didn’t quite work for me so I’m moving on and looking towards Cari’s upcoming releases, which I’m sure will bring back the magic I’m used to.

Favorite Quotes:

Sure, he was smart, and funny, and managed to make wireframe glasses sexy. But he’d also slept his way through a good portion of his colleagues and didn’t hang around long enough to help mop up their tears. Or pick up their panties. Whichever. ~Kiki about Vincent

Vincent didn’t fit the typical mold, which probably explained why she wanted him even more. She could withstand sex appeal. Sex appeal, brains, and a sense of humor? Not so much.

His tongue swept between her lips to tangle with hers, to explore her mouth so slowly and thoroughly that the snow melting between her toes had nothing on the melting happening between her legs.

She had a great smile, and on the rare occasions he heard it, a raucous laugh. The kind that made you grin whether you much felt like grinning or not. There wasn’t one ounce of lady in that smoky laugh, and he savored it the way a drunk might his last drink, not knowing when he’d get another hit.

“I should warn you now, because I like you and all. If you hurt her, I’ll twist your teeny weenie into more knots than a Billy Bob’s pretzel, boss or no boss.” She showed him a predatory flash of teeth. “And I don’t make idle threats.” ~Lynsay to Vincent


One thought on “Review: VIRGIN TERRITORY by Cari Quinn

  1. I am sorry you are disappointed in this one, sounds like it could be a fun story. Hope the next one rocks your socks again.

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