QuickScore-Review: FAITHFUL TO A FAULT by K.J. Reed

Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Peter Goodwin is on vacation. With no family of his own, he heads out on post-deployment leave to a buddy’s hometown. But he never expected to find a woman like Sarah—someone who makes him think about more than a quick affair. Sarah has been done with men for years. But when one sexy “complication” strolls into town on leave, Sarah figures there’s no harm in a quiet, simple vacation fling.

The passion that sparks between them is a welcome surprise. But Sarah’s more than just a fling—she’s the key to Pete’s best friend’s past. Now Pete has a decision to make, but either choice will hurt someone he cares for.

Author: KJ Reed
Series: Come Together, book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Year of release: 2011, January 12
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Jasmine Jade eBookstore

First line:
“How is it that I continually get dragged along with other friends for post-deployment leave?” Pete Goodwin stuffed his carryon in the overhead compartment.

Memorable Scenes:
-Sarah and Travis’ reunion scene > sweet and emotional

This is the sequel I hoped for after reading TEXT ME. It takes place a year after and Travis and Ariel make a welcome appearance.

With FAITHFUL TO A FAULT the author KJ Reed treated me to a well-rounded and sizzling hot novella that surprisingly didn’t feel like a short story. I really liked the development and depth of Pete and Sarah’s story and characters and the sexy scenes were hot beyond words.

FAITHFUL TO A FAULT is a very nice mix of emotion, heat and humor that left me a satisfied reader when I finished. Satisfied yet curious and wanting the next book in this series as I can’t wait to read Brice and Mary Ellen’s story.

Favorite Quotes:

Then Pete’s gaze caught hers and she dashed behind the server wall.
Wow. Impressive work. God, she was acting like she’d been raised in a convent. She knew how to handle men. She used her tricks all the time to keep them at a distance. Knowing how to anticipate their every move and not be roped in by their slick ways was her “thing”.
At least she thought it was.
Apparently her “thing” was broken. The inconvenient moisture coating her panties, however, said her female hormones were working just fine, and they were yelling You’ve neglected us for too long! We want to play with him!

“Some people do well with roots. Mine seem to like planting themselves all over the place.”

She had to get out of there. For whatever reason, Pete was crawling under her skin. Infiltrating the perfect coat of armor she’d built up rivet by rivet after her divorce. Slipping in past all defenses to make her want again. Need again. Remember she was a woman.

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