QuickScore-Review: LOVE, INTERRUPTED by Kat Black

Can a broken heart forgive, when the flesh can’t forget?

The last thing Frankie expects to find lurking in a pile of innocent-looking birthday cards is a letter from her estranged husband—the man who broke her heart and threw away their marriage for a night of drunken infidelity. And the last thing she needs is to revisit those feelings of hurt and betrayal brought back by his words of apology and regret. After everything she’s been through, is it too much to ask to be left alone to try and build a new, independent life for herself?

Apparently it is. As letter after letter falls on her doormat, and the beautiful, eloquent words contained therein slip through her tightly constructed defenses, Frankie becomes a jumble of mixed emotions and desperate desire. Rage, sorrow, revenge and lust mix to make an explosive cocktail when Frankie and Mark find themselves face-to-face for the first time since the split.

Author: Kat Black
Series: standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Year of release: 2012, June 4
Format: eBook
Source: Received the book as a gift from the author with no expectance of a review

First line:
Balancing an assortment of items including a handbag, a laptop case, document folders and grocery bags, Frankie fumbled her key into the front door lock, keen to get in out of the biting February wind.

Last line:
“Or perhaps even dinner.”

Memorable Scenes:
– the present from Frankie’s friends > hilarious! I wonder how Kat Black researched this item ;)
– the reunion between Frankie and Mark > emotional and hot

It’s hard to succinctly describe my opinion of this story as it’s a beautifully written, complex and emotional story about betrayal, hurt, forgiveness and love.

When I started reading Mark’s words I didn’t want Frankie to forgive him, infidelity is inexcusable and there was nothing he could write to make me change my mind. Yet, where in other books I have DNF-ed or hated the story because of this topic, this story was different.

Somehow Kat Black made me hear Mark out and I was intrigued and moved by that first letter on Frankie’s birthday. So I kept on reading, wanting to know what would happen, wondering how this reconciliation was going to be played out. For that I must applaud Black’s writing skills that have the ability to enthrall and entice. She made this story work for me and I can’t wait to see what she can do with a higher page-count.

Favorite Quotes:

The words in question– his words–snaked out of Jess’ mouth to wrap around Frankie like a rope, tying her to the spot.

Without Jess’ voice to act as a verbal filter, those words felt sharp and deadly, pricking straight through her skin to seek out all the weak spots labeled ‘Mark’ that she’d buried deep.

2 thoughts on “QuickScore-Review: LOVE, INTERRUPTED by Kat Black

  1. Thank’s so much for your kind words, Pearl, this was a tricky one to tackle.

    Kat – whose research methods are top secret, I’m afraid (but I can tell you I’m no longer allowed in the library ;) )

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