A second chance at love is worth fighting for.

Bianca Rogers is one signature away from finalizing her divorce. And she will finalize it just as soon as she gets home. But for this weekend, she’s putting her troubles aside and enjoying the gorgeous, sunlit luxury of Bandicoot Cove, the resort where her brother is getting married. The last thing she expects is to be knocked off her feet—literally—by gorgeous Brody Evans.

The fireworks are instantaneous. Brody is just her type: sexy, warm, friendly, and in the same boat as her: in the process of getting a divorce.

Spending time together is a mutual no-brainer. Attraction quickly grows to full-blown lust. But flying sparks come with increasingly personal conversations, and soon neither of them can ignore their past mistakes or the circumstances that have led them to the island.

Now it’s time to determine whether old hurts and sudden doubts will prevent love from leading them to a whole new happily ever after.

Product Warnings:
If you don’t believe in second chances, never thought it was possible to fall in love again and aren’t interested in scrumptious, hot love scenes, then this story probably isn’t for you. You’d be missing out – big time – but yeah…it’s probably not for you.

Author: Jess Dee
Series: Bandicoot Cove: The Wedding, book 1 – novella in the anthology TROPICAL HAZE
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2012, September 4
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC for review from the authors of the anthology

First line:
Bianca fingered the invitation with a sigh.

Last line:
As their gazes caught and held, [name left out because it’s a spoiler] struck the match, and together they watched the flare of a flame that promised to burn away every last barrier to their happiness.

Memorable Scenes:
– the pool, beneath the trees, in the bungalow room > this whole story was memorable, these scenes all contained the Jess Dee trademark ‘set your panties on fire’ heat
– the “you broke my toe” scene > funny and emotional
– A drunk Bianca > hilarious!

I loved going back to Bandicoot Cove and what better reason than for a wedding. A lot of the characters that I grew fond of in the first trilogy were present again and I loved seeing them again.

Bianca ‘Bee’ Rogers, medical social worker. She’s Aidan’s (hero Bandicoot Cove, book 2) sister and is on the verge of signing her divorce papers. Her brother’s wedding is the perfect event to take her mind of the mess that her life has turned into. She never expected a second chance at love though.

Brody Evans is the owner of a car parts shop. He too is on the verge of a divorce and has been invited to attend the same wedding Bianca is.
Because the story is mostly told from Bianca’s POV and because of an unexpected turn of events in the story I cannot say much more about Brody.

While reading a suspicion insistently started forming in the back of my mind, I kept pushing it back but the more I read, the more it stuck. And when my suspicion was confirmed I could only applaud Ms. Dee’s writing and her execution of this trope. Once again she’s made it hard for me to express how much I loved this story and the twists and turns she gave it, without spoiling it or giving away too much.

Jess Dee is a freakin’ genius! I can’t express how much I loved this story! Everything worked, the characters, the romance, the sex scenes, everything! If you want to know what I’m talking about all you have to do is go and (pre-)order this one.

I realize this is a very cryptic review but I’m sorry, folks…this is all I can do without spoiling it for people who want to read this book. Believe me when I say it’s good… really, really, really good! Especially if you like second chance romances and Jess Dee’s writing!

Favorite Quotes:

He tasted…delicious. Sweet and spicy. So familiar and yet so mysterious. More, she just wanted more of him, of his taste. Of his lower lip. She couldn’t resist. Couldn’t stop herself. She nibbled on that luscious lip, determined to satisfy her craving to sample it. Only it didn’t satisfy. Not even close. It set off a chain reaction inside her, demanding she sample every part of his mouth. His lower lip, his upper one, his tongue…

Brody growled into her mouth but did not release her lips. Which suited her just fine, because she wouldn’t have let him go had he tried. Not when his tongue did deliciously naughty things to the inside of her mouth. Not when his lips pressed so enticingly against hers. Not when she inhaled the air he breathed.

It was heavenly torture. With every thrust of those fingers, he touched something inside her, something deep, a knot of nerves that increased her pleasure exponentially. But that wasn’t all he touched. With every plunge, every lick, he touched her soul. Reached a part of her she’d repressed for so long. A part that needed to feel love, that needed that soul-deep connection with another person. For more than ten years she and Rick had held that connection. But it had been lost, snapped in the devastation of the divorce. Yet here was Brody, finding the threads, pulling at them, connecting with her on a level that was more than just physical.

She nipped at his tongue, ate at his mouth, demanding he kiss her back, and when he did, when his lips seduced and his mouth devoured, she moaned deep in her throat. His thigh wasn’t what she wanted. Not even close.

Then instantly regretted it as his tongue ravaged her defenses, leaving them in tatters at her feet.
One kiss. One stupid, measly, heart-stopping, gut-wrenching kiss, and Bianca melted in a puddle in his arms. What was it about this man that turned her into a whimpering fool any time he neared?


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