QuickScore-Review: JARED by Cat Johnson

Everything is just right…until she turns his life upside down.

It doesn’t take anything fancy to make Jared Gordon a happy man. A slice of his mama’s pie, a pretty girl, a well-bred horse. Life on the farm is just how he likes it. Simple. Until a big-city girl blows into town like a tornado hitting a trailer park.

Quintessentially small-town Pigeon Hollow has everything L.A. producer Mandy Morris needs for her new reality show. A smoldering deputy sheriff, a quirky diner owner and a horse farm complete with a hunky horseman. If her own instant attraction is any indication, Jared will have the female demographic glued to their sets.

Except the red-hot cowboy is cool to the idea of cameras in his face. And the harder she negotiates, the deeper he digs in…until their head-butting strikes sparks that fan a prairie fire of unexpected passion. She doesn’t usually mix business with pleasure, but as Pigeon Hollow’s charm works its magic, the youngest Gordon brother has Mandy rethinking many things.

Like happiness doesn’t have to end with the word “cut”.

Warning: Contains one hot shirtless cowboy taking a city girl for a roll in the hay…and a few other places.

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Title: JARED
Author: Cat Johnson
Series: Red, Hot & Blue, book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2011, May 10
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Samhain eBookstore

First line:
Jared Gordon considered himself a lucky man.

Memorable Scenes:
– the ‘date’ at the local bar > very nice buildup of sensual tension

First off I must admit I was expecting a suspense plot or at least something military like in the previous books but JARED has a more contemporary western feel to it. Not that I mind this but the premise of the series, including the covers just gave me other expectations. I liked the romance but due to shortness of the book it yet again felt a bit rushed, especially after Jared and Mandy hook up.

As with the other books I will have to say again that I like the writing style. Cat Johnson’s style is fast-paced and sexy and she does that well. JARED is a nice sexy read I enjoyed and I now need to start Cat Johnson’s Studs in Spurs series while I before I continue with the 5th Red, Hot and Blue story.

Favorite Quotes:

The mysterious Mandy shook her head. “I’m sorry. You just look too young to have older children.”
Mama laughed. “Darlin’, all a woman needs in life is good face cream and a proper bra, but thank you anyway. I have to tell you though, flattery won’t get me to buy whatever you’re selling, Ms. Morris.”

When she was seated, if less than comfortably, and Jared had returned all three of them crowded cozily around the table so small her knee kept bumping into Jared’s leg. He didn’t move out of the way, and neither did she. The second time it happened within about a minute, Mandy glanced his way. She found him grinning at her. Jared Gordon was definitely into games.
Fine. Two could play at this. She hadn’t bumped knees with a guy in awhile. She hadn’t bumped anything else with a guy in a while either, come to think of it. She was long overdue for that. For now, this would do.

Apparently sex with Jared was like eating Chinese food. It wasn’t very long before you were hungry for more.

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