Requested-Review: ROUGH PLAY by Keri Ford

Jacob Iverson has plans. Distant plans, but they exist. Find the right woman, eventually settle down and do the whole “white picket fence” routine. But until eventually comes, he’s having fun with right now. Then he meets Flora, who blows him back a step. Suddenly his distant plans are rushing up to meet him…only not quite the way he imagined.

Abandoned at seventeen, Flora Simms has made her way through the world, found life and family in the form of two best friends. Everything is just the way she likes it. From life to love to relationships, she knows what she wants, how she wants it, and doesn’t care if anyone agrees or not. And what she doesn’t want is someone trying to tie her down with long-term plans. But Jacob Iverson seems to love the future, somehow knows what she needs, and he’s hitting all the right spots. But can Flora give up her idea of what independence means to let him in?

Author: Keri Ford
Series: Roughnecks, book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Year of release: 2012, August 13
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC from the author for review

First line:
Jacob Iverson stepped into what would one day become his brother’s kitchen.

Last line:
She snorted, grabbed him by the head and pulled him down to her.

Memorable Scenes:
– the first chapter > loved the immediate chemistry and banter between Flora and Jacob
– the impromptu lapdance > awesome
– the last chapter > loved the emotions

Flora Simms is a selfmade plumber. She’s outspoken, bold and independent but she’s also guarded with her trust and feelings. Jacob Iverson is the middle Iverson triplet. He’s flirty and direct. He’s sensitive though he tries to be all tough and hard. I loved seeing how both Flora and Jacob kept insisting on the non-relationship while it was clear that feelings were definitely into play. The way they keep gravitating towards each other was an utter pleasure to read.

I really like this new Keri Ford trilogy. I utterly enjoyed the first book and this second one was not different. It started out rather smoothly and I was thinking it was going to be smooth sailing all the way to the HEA at the end. I should’ve known Ms. Ford had a few twists and roadblocks up her sleeve.

Keri Ford’s writing in this trilogy is awesome. It flows, it’s humorous and the heat is scorching. The characterization is brilliant in this new trilogy. The banter between the brothers was present as ever and I really enjoyed it! I did however miss the bond and banter between the Flora and her friends a little, as it was stronger in the previous book.

If you loved Keri Ford’s Apple Trail series, don’t hesitate to start the trilogy because IMHO it’s even better than the Apple Trail books as there’s ease and a flow to it that wasn’t overly present in the other series. Both books I’ve read have kept me captivated from start to finish and I finish them in almost one sitting. I definitely look forward to ROUGH TUMBLE, Tonya and Trent’s story because I love how Keri Ford sets up the sequels in the trilogy. She entices but never gives away too much and leaves the actual stories in the couples’ actual book

Favorite Quotes:

“It was worth it. Are you going to get pissed off if I touch your hair?”
“Asking permission first?” She fitted the pipe back in place, but as she reached for her wrench, her ponytail was yanked, her head pulled back and Jacob’s mouth covered hers.
It was open, fast, and aggressive and she moaned into him. Desire spiraled through her belly. Her thighs squeezed together and the pipe wrench slipped from her fingers.

The quick kisses in the back room of the diner were nothing but moments in time. Passes of seconds and minutes. Fast thrusts of tongues taken in the height of the moment. But this, this was a searing kiss that reached inside and stroked him deep.

“Trent asked if you tried punching him in the balls.”
She pulled the phone back for a moment, as if she could see Trent on the other end.
“Well,” there was no missing the humor in her voice. “He says if a woman punched him the balls, he’d get out of her bed.”
She rubbed her temples. “Very funny.” (Flora asking Tonya for advice on how to get a sleeping Jacob out of her bed, Trent offering a suggestion)


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