On an indefinite hiatus


As you may have noticed, this blog hasn’t been updated since October 2012.

The reason for this is that I simply have no time for blogging and reviewing since I started a new (almost fulltime) job in October. I don’t even have the time to read…I’ve read a whooping 2 books since August 2012 and this is something I hope to rectify very soon because to be honest I reallllly miss reading but I just don’t have the time for it. When I get home from work, I’m exhausted and all I have energy for is vegging on the couch in front of the TV watching shows that merely entertain.

Next to the job I have also been dealing with some health issues, had a few bouts of illness that left me with even less energy than when healthy so I had to make some choices and the most logical choice for me was to put reviewing on the back-burner. Consequence of doing this is the inactivitiy on this blog.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be reading anymore because as I said earlier I really miss reading and want to start it up again. But…I am going to have to “switch off” the reviewer in me and become “just a reader for fun”.

This does mean I will not be reading books for review any time soon in the near future. Maybe I won’t go back to reviewing at all but that’s something that only the future can tell. For now I just can’t combine it with my personal, social and professional life so I have to let it go.

I know my connections on Twitter have been wondering what the F happened to me but in order to get a grip on all that was happening to me I also had to take a break from Twitter because (and if you Tweet a lot you know this) Twitter can be very time-consuming. I will be returning to Twitter soon but not as Pearl. I’ve decided that in due course and as soon as I start reading again, I will re-activate my private/personal Twitter-account (as I have  done with my private/personal FB-account) and I will approach the tweeps I always chatted a lot with, so we can resume our bookchats. The fact that I am not on Twitter, doesn’t mean I don’t miss you guys…A LOT!!!

Well, this is it for now…I will be going to the Love Letter Convention in Berlin so if you’re going too, see you there and if not, we’ll meet again somewhere, somehow, someday…I am sure of it.


7 thoughts on “On an indefinite hiatus

  1. Hi Pearl! You have been missed! It was nice to see you pop up in my timeline! You must take care of yourself first, always. Know that your absence has definitely been felt. Good luck with your health issues & with getting back to reading!

  2. what is the non Pearl twitter account. I have missed you tremendously. I am glad you took the time for you and that your health has improved. Love, Joy

  3. Hai Pearl

    Ik weet hoe het is. Druk druk druk en geen tijd voor het lezen. Ik hoop dat het wegvallen van de druk tot bloggen/tweeten je wat lucht geeft en dat je het plezier in lezen terugkrijgt.
    Mijn voorstel zou zijn, ga herlezen, kijk terug naar de oude favorieten, die boeken die je ooit tot het lezen hebben geleid. Pak die een keer en blader ze door. Geen druk, alleen plezier.

    Ik zie je graag over een paar maanden in Berlijn. Diana en ik hadden heel veel plezier vorig jaar, ook dankzij jou, dus het zal leuk zijn je terug te zien


  4. Well I still blog but haven’t been visiting other blogs very much. I understand having to have time to read and not feel obligated to keep on a schedule for blogging. It DOES take up time. :) Take care of yourself!

  5. Hey sweetie…I’ve missed you! I’ve been worried about you, so I’m glad to hear you’re okay, aside from the health struggles which hopefully are behind you. Congrats on your new job! Tweet/email me if/when your schedule frees up a bit…I’m greedy for some of your sunshine in my life! HUGS.

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