Countdown to LoveLetter Convention 2013 – 10 days to go!


I’m temporarily opening up the blog to post about the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin.

I am going to try and post about my adventures with Lucy, Leontine and Natascha in Berlin at 2nd annual the Love Letter Convention we’re attending. We had a blast last year with authors and other readers/bloggers and when we heard the convention was going to be held again this year we immediately said we were going again!

We bought the tickets as soon as they became available in August 2012 and also booked our hotel in August! The same hotel because we really liked how close it was to the venue and it was very affordable. In March 2013 the traintickets were purchased and we were ready for LLC13!

In March it all seemed so far away still and I got sick (again)! For a while I was fearing I wouldn’t be able to go and would have to cancel but luckily my recovery set in end of April and I am able to go have a blast with my girlfriends in Berlin. The months flew by and a week from today we’ll be in Berlin doing some sightseeing before the Convention starts!

I’ll be trying to post preparation stuff in the coming days while counting down, first to Tuesday…the day we leave for Berlin and then to the LLC13 itself. I can’t promise though because I don’t know how well my iPad and the wifi in the hotel are going to cooperate but if it’s possible I’ll try to cover as much of my adventures as I can and share it with you here!



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