Countdown to LoveLetter Convention 2013 – 9 days to go


As some of you might know I am a notorious planner and listmaker (it has to be the Virgo in me)! So a few weeks ago, I started making my lists:

  • a prep list
  • a pack list
  • a to-buy list
  • a to-do list

In the past weeks I’ve been slowly working on the lists tackling and crossing off stuff, one by one, buying stuff, ordering stuff online and so on. My book/reading room’s couch gradually has been getting covered by bags and boxes. I also got the suitcase from the attic and gathered the books I wanted to take to be signed.


Yesterday, in preparation for the Berlin/LLC vacation I printed out the hotelreservations, the tickets for LLC and the programme. I’m taking a whooping 10 (TEN) books with me to be signed. I’ve also bought snacks for during the days of sightseeing and the convention. Last year I learned my lesson when on Saturday I didn’t have breakfast and turned into a hungry demon when I didn’t get food for lunch quickly enough. This year I’m prepared :D


Yesterday my girlfriends and I also talked about what we want to do as far as sightseeing and we’ve got some nice plans that include the Berlin Zoo, some cultural/historical sightseeing and of course shopping!! Talking about sightseeing I went in search of the maps I got last year for the trip and the metro/train lines map and found them + my tourist guide for Berlin so we’re all check!

Tonight I’m going to take a closer look at the LoveLetter Convention’s programme and see if I can work out which panels, workshops, Q&As go on my must-go-to list!

We’re getting closer and closer and every day I’m getting more excited!



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