LoveLetter Convention 2013 – Day 1


I’m writing this post on Day 2 of our LoveLetter Convention 2013 adventure at 6.20 in the morning because I was wide awake at 5 and could fall back to sleep anymore. Might as well make good use of being awake so freaking early :)

Yesterday we traveled to Berlin and started LLC13 with a blast. Lucy and I traveled from my place to Berlin Spandau where we would meet Leontine and Natascha who were traveling from the North. Coincidentally our trains were scheduled to arrive within minutes of each other. The train ride went without a hitch and flew by. We talked, slept and read and before we knew it we arrived at the Berlin Spandau station and when we got of the elevator from the platform. Leontine and Natascha were waiting for us in the main hall.


After we kissed and hugged and squeed with the delight of seeing each other after more than a month, the four of us headed to the IBIS hotel where we checked in, got settled and headed back out to the nearby mall to by some necessities. At the mall we found this icecream place where we ate the most delicious icecreams EVER! And this is coming from a non-icecream person!!!!!

After the icecream-gasm we went back to the hotel to start assembling our surprise for some of our fave authors coming to the LLC and then we went to dinner at the Thai/Sushi-Bar place in the mall. Last year Lucy and I got our first night-dinner at this place too so keeping with the tradition we went there again.


After dinner we hung out in the hotel lobby with our books, a few drinks, our ipads and phones to connect to the ones at home (facetimed with hubbies to let them know we were fine) and maps and tourguides to plan our first day of sightseeing (which will be today).

At around midnight we called it a night and went to bed so we could be well-rested for the first day of sightseeing. Day 1 of LLC13 was an absolute blast and a great start! I can’t wait to see what else there is in store for us!!


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