Announcement: Blog Back in Business Soon!


As you’ve noticed I’ve been on hiatus for a while. I wrote in this hiatus-announcement post about why I needed a break from blogging. In the past months, a lot has happened and changed. For one my health is playing nice since May and that alone has given me so much more energy. Also the job, while still chaotic and challenging, is demanding less of my energy than it did end of last year and beginning of this year.

This combined with some awesome books being released from many of my favorite authors, planted the seed of opening up the blog for reviews again. And that’s what I’m working on now. I announced in the earlier mentioned post that I wouldn’t be reading for review anytime soon and officially I still won’t be.

However, since I picked up reading again, shortly after posting the hiatus post, I discovered I cannot completely turn off the reviewer in me, even when reading for pure fun. So every book I’ve read in the meantime has been reviewed in one form or another, mostly on Goodreads, some on Amazon and Netgalley too. This being said, I am still not officially accepting books for review as working with release dates and SELF-IMPOSED deadlines just paralizes my reviewing mojo. Because of all the requests I was accepting my reading was turning into “reading on command” and that kills the reading mojo.

Nothing is as liberating and sparks the reading mojo more than just reading what you feel like reading and what calls to you from the TBR, instead of having to read a certain book in a certain subgenre you are not feeling like reading at that particular moment but you have to because of a releasedate or a self-made reading schedule. Nothing is more liberating that having a sort of reading list but ending up reading something completely different and not on the list because it just released and you found it through Twitter or FB or your eye fell on it while browsing your shelves or digital TBR.

I will mostly be posting reviews of books from my TBR and probably some occassional Netgalley ARC-reviews. There are always exceptions to every rule so there will probably also be some ARC-Reviews from books by favorite authors as I can’t resist those requests but I am NOT accepting unsollicited review-requests and will be amending my review-policy page accordingly.

You’ve probably noticed the appearance of the blog has changed quite a bit again. I will be changing stuff up and making some more changes to the blog’s appearance along the way. Bear with me, please as I am technically and creatively challenged and changes like these are a true struggle for me. I’d much rather read and review a book than work on how my blog looks :)

So in short, be on the look-out for the re-opening of this blog aka reviews being posted on a regular basis :)


7 thoughts on “Announcement: Blog Back in Business Soon!

  1. I know what you mean about just reading what you want, when you want without the pressure of “having” to read a book. It’s so much better to read and then to review, if you want to. That’s me and luckily my blogger friend just waits until I send her something :)

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