Review: HAVE YOU SEEN HER? by Karen Rose

Have You Seen Her?
Have You Seen Her? by Karen Rose
Romantic Suspense, book 2

Format: paperback, 512 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Forever, Grand Central Publishing
Year of release: 2006, December 1
Source: Bought via The BookDepository

My rating: 4 of 5 stars – Great Read

Special Agent Steven Thatcher has a lot on his hands. Not only is there a serial killer on the loose, stalking area high schools, but Steven’s teenage son Brad is suddenly acting up and failing in school. His schoolteacher, Jenna Marshall, is also worried about Brad.

As their conversations about the troubled teen increased and grow more intimate, Jenna and Steven soon find they’re falling for each other, though they tread cautiously as both carry hidden wounds of their own. Their situation turns even more dangerous when Jenna finds herself on the twisted path of the serial killer Steven is investigating.

My Review:
It took me awhile to finish this book but it had nothing to do with the book! I just started it in a period when I had very little reading time. So the reading went in small increments, slow and steady.

As I said the fact that I took so long to finish this book had nothing to do with the book itself because I loved it. The balance between the romance, especially the chemistry between Jenna and Steven, and the suspense plot was perfectly mixed. I read the plot stuff with just as much pleasure as I did the romance stuff. I did like that in this second book the romance was a bit more on the forefront. This doesn’t mean the suspense was less prominent though. I really liked how the suspense plot was played out and like I said, the balance was very well done. I read reviews where some people said they had the killer pegged from very early on and I must say I am not one of them. I am always slow and wrong on guessing who the killer is in these types of RS and also in crime shows so the pieces didn’t fall into place until very late in the story and I had that “duh” moment.

The romance also worked for me. Though there was one scene where Steven’s action caught me by surprise as much as they did Jenna, overall I loved how the romance was set up and executed. It was also sexy and a bit explicit, which as you know, is always good in my book. Jenna and Steven were perfectly matched and I loved how they had to fight for their HEA.

I loved the input of the secondary characters such as Jenna’s friends, dogs (yes they were awesome secondary characters) and co-workers, Steven’s family and colleagues and a special mention must be made for the kids in this book. Are y’all tired yet of me saying I love kids in romance novels? Yes? Well, tough luck because I do and the ones in this book are awesome.
Also special mentions for Father Mike and Mrs. Kasselbaum, who added much to the humor that balanced out the spine-chilling suspense plot. My second Karen Rose book was another great read and I hope to start the next book soon. I’m definitely happy I’m up to date on her releases so I can just pick up one of her books whenever the mood for RS strikes me.

Favorite scene:
the first kiss in Jenna’s kitchen > OMG hot and WTF? about sums it up!

Favorite quote:

That look of his could melt solid steel. That look made her heart pound, her nipples hard, made every ounce of sensation pool between her thighs. One throbbing, aching mess of sensation.

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