Review: HARD WAY by Katie Porter

Hard WayHard Way by Katie Porter
Vegas Top Guns, book 4

Format: ebook, 327 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2013, April 9
Source: Bought an e-copy via Samhain’s eBook-store

My rating: 5 of 5 starsPerfect Read

Blurb from Goodreads:

Time to put the kidding aside. Although 100% consensual between a husband and wife, this book contains violent sex that, in some scenes, will appear forced. Readers sensitive to rape scenarios should proceed with caution…

“No holds barred. No mercy. No going back “

Throughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam Dash Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny s new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond.

Her abrupt announcement that she wants a divorce is like a missile to Dash s gut but her confession that she s met another man is what unleashes his shocking passion. Sunny is surprised and nearly repulsed by her body s reaction to Dash s animalistic attempt at complete possession. That doesn t stop her from craving more.

With Sunny’s whispered approval, their sex life explodes. Not only does Dash s aggression tap into dark fantasies, she s hopeful that now, “at last,” she ll get what she s always wanted from her devil-may-care, don t-give-a-damn husband. Something honest and candid. Something real.

Yet fiery, carnal encounters won t heal two long-broken hearts. Their bodies are finally speaking the same forbidden language, but it will take more than taboo desires to learn each other for the first time and to save a marriage that s only just begun.

My Review:
WARNING: this review may contain SPOILERS! Also there are sex scenes in this book that are violent, edgy and on the verge of crossing the boundaries of my comfortzone. However, they were all consensual. If you don’t like this kind of romance, don’t read this book! Seriously, it will NOT be for you!

I think I’ve never anticipated a book as much as I did this one. Especially after reading the excerpt on this book’s bookpage on Katie Porter website! I craved this book and ached for it with a yearning that was borderline crazy! And when April 9 dawned and my email told me it was ready for download I squeed! And immediately downloaded and started reading it on my lunch break because sadly I had to work!

Intens! That’s the first word that sprang into mind when I started reading this book. Whether in the emotional sense (that first chapter I could feel Dash’s anger vibrating off the page) or in the sexual sense (the sex scenes hade panting! Literally!) this book had me in its grip from start to finish!

The start really pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. Because though I LOVE dirty talk in my romances I have an aversion to words as whore, bitch and slut and I can only handle them in certain settings and from a tiny amount of authors. This boundary got really pushed combined with the forced sex trope but Katie Porter is one of the few that pulled it off and made me love this book and its trope. The fact that Liam forces (no pun intended) the issue and they talked about both of them wanting forced sex in a non-sexual moment it totally made it work for me!

Another boundary that skated around my comfort zone was Sunny’s association with Jake. I don’t like infidelity in my romances and Sunny hovered very close to that edge at the start of the book. Definitely in the emotional department… However, it was handled peferectly though so it stopped being an issue for me fairly quick.

This book took my emotions and ripped them to shreds and about 1/4 in I was doubting if I was ever going to come off the emotional overload. I barely did at the end and I don’t have enough words to express how much I loved this book.

Fave Scenes:
– Abduction scenario with Dash taking Sunny face first in the trunk and then taking care of her afterwards and the scene in the bathroom the morning after > I have no words
– the scene in the hotelroom > I read this with abated breath and on the very edges of my comfort zone

Fave Quotes:

“Someone woke up expecting too much,” she said in a snide tone. Her luscious, dark brown eyes flicked down to the obvious erection tucked awkwardly in his boxer briefs.
“And someone woke up ready to play the part of a goddamn tease.”

Then it was gone. His softness. His tenderness for this woman. It winked out. No, it detonated like a chandelier smashed with a baseball bat.

She ground her teeth and tried to headbutt him. She caught him across the temple, but he didn’t even sway. Her insides clamped in a happy little lost-girl response. This was what she wanted. Being completely dominated meant she could give up her choices, let the world fall away and scream her goddamn head off.

He was a beast. Her beast. Taking, yes, but leashed by emotions that would never set him free.

He burst from the inside out. Nothing remained but the knowledge that she was all around him, would always own him in every way he tried to own her. There was no control. There was no chaos. Only two imperfect people trying to hold on.

He let out another deep breath and stared at the ceiling. A shiver overtook him. She held him tighter, as if the warmth of her smaller body could fill the frozen holes and dents and scars inside his. Of course she could.


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