Requested-Review: LOVE BITES by Cari Quinn

Love BitesLove Bites by Cari Quinn
Unnamed series, book 1

Format: ebook, 142 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Year of release: 2013, March 23
Source: Received an e-copy from author for review

My rating: 3,75 of 5 stars – Good Read

Blurb from Goodreads:
Vampire Kellan Barstow is tired of watching his best friend Lucas Phillips pine after his one true mate. Though he’s jealous that Lucas found his before he found his own, he wants him to be happy and hopes to spur him on to make a move toward his chosen human, librarian Emily Yost. But Kellan’s sick of Lucas’s moping and decides one thing will convince Luke he needs to act now.

Sleeping with another woman.

Except when Kellan and Lucas sleep with Sydney, a woman Kellan has flirted with for weeks, things quickly spiral out of control. Because Sydney may be more than merely a woman, and Kellan’s feelings for her soon go way beyond desire. Before long, Kellan and Sydney and Emily and Lucas are caught in a dangerous web of lust and love. And this love may do more than bite, it might end them all.

My Review:
This is Cari Quinn’s first paranormal romance release and I must say I liked it quite a bunch! Though I suspect hardened and seasoned pnr-lovers might find it too light on worldbuilding and too heavy on the sex, it worked for me.

As usual with my paranormal romance reads, the worldbuilding holds my attention less than the romance and/or erotic scenes but I must say the world created in LOVE BITES did manage to fascinate me. After all, how can you go wrong when you mention Alias, my fave TV series ever! and you make fun of sparkly vampire movies? Cari Quinn had me with this one from the first chapter!

The interactions between the characters are very well done. The connections between the main 4 characters are subtle and intricate at the same time, cleverly entangled by the rules of the world that Cari Quinn created. I would’ve liked it to be even a bit more character-driven but this didn’t bother me much. The balance between conflict and humor was excellent.  Though Lucas seemed like an ass sometimes I really loved his dry, sardonic sense of humor. I also loved Sydney’s sass and directness.

Though I still prefer Cari Quinn’s contemporaries I enjoyed her first foray into paranormal romance and I look forward to Luke & Emily’s story because that ending was brutal to a reader who doesn’t react well to cliffhangers!

Fave Quotes:

At the undercurrent in his lifelong pal’s voice, Kellan crouched to look into Syd’s eyes. Their dark depths churned, but she didn’t avoid his gaze. “Give Lucas and me a couple minutes. Please. After that, we’ll talk about anything you want.” He scooped a hand through her wispy dark bangs. “Are you hungry? There are Pop-Tarts in the cupboard.”
Lucas made another derisive noise in his throat. “Oh, he’s bringing out the romance now. Sharing his Pop-Tarts with his lady.” He opened a cabinet and jutted a thumb at the contents. “They’re like his frigging security blanket.”

Her beauty, the quiet tragedy of it, tore holes inside him. They might as well have been alone in the bedroom, because the others simply ceased to exist. He saw only her.

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