No Romance RequiredNo Romance Required by Cari Quinn
Love Required Series, book 3

Format: ebook, 250 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Brazen line
Year of release: 2013, August 12
Source: Received an e-ARC from author for review via the publisher.

My rating: 5 of 5 starsPerfect Read

Blurb from Goodreads:
Faking it never felt so good… 

Cory Santangelo is used to getting his way, both in the boardroom and the bedroom. Lately he hasn’t had much opportunity to do anything but work, but one unexpectedly sexy night in a gazebo with Victoria, his gorgeous and feisty interior designer, changes all that—especially when they’re caught on camera. Suddenly Cory’s sterling reputation is no longer above reproach. Since his impromptu encounter coincides nicely with his need for a girlfriend to get his well-meaning, meddling parents off his back, he decides to ask his lifelong frenemy for a favor.

To pretend to be his girlfriend for a month. No strings attached. 

The only problem? Vicky Townsend wants those strings tied all around her. She’s battled a long-suppressed crush on Cory, and their combative work relationship has only fanned the flames. When he suggests his needs are more than she can handle, she’s ready to up the ante. And her bargaining chip is lots of delicious, inventive sex.

Until they discover nothing feels as good as making it real…

My Review:
Ever since he appeared in NO FLOWERS REQUIRED (book 2 in the series and Cory’s brother Dillon’s book) I’ve been longing for Cory’s book and when it came I devoured it as soon as I could. I read it in under 24 hours and in practically one sitting (only pausing for meals and sleep).

I loved the way Cory and Vicky were as opposite as they could be and how this created a fabulous chemistry filled with verbal sparring and sexual innuendo. And moreover it didn’t stop at innuendo. The sexy scenes were exquisite and red-hot! But it’s not just about the sexy scenes. This story was rife with emotional intensity that is trademark Cari Quinn and complemented the steamy heat Cari knows how to deliver and does so well.

This book had me in its intense grip from the first page to the last. I was totally immersed in Cory and Vicky and their story. Their characters were so well written, with back-stories that caught me by the throat and had me choking up numerous times. Their histories, their personalities, their compatibility both inside and outside the bedroom. It all worked, for the book and for me as the reader.

Though Cory and Vicky seem complete opposites they are more alike and compatible than they think and this created a wonderful story. A story I finished with tears in my eyes and a sob caught in my throat at the rightness and beauty of a story delivered in the best possible way it could have been delivered. A story where the characters were the stars and where the steamy, explicit sex scenes went beyond being the proverbial icing on the cake.

And next to this amazing couple Ms. Quinn also created some great secondary characters by way of family members and friends. I caught up with the couples from previous books and was introduced to new characters I’d love to get to know better.

I know (and if you follow my reviews you probably will too) Cari Quinn writes books I love. Books that are explicit, hot and emotional. Yet with every new book of hers I read she manages to catch me off guard and blow me completely away. NO ROMANCE REQUIRED was no different. I thought I was prepared for it this time, but I wasn’t. Not by a long shot. I have no words for Cory and Ms. Cari Quinn once again outdid herself.

Fave Scenes:
– the scene in Cory’s office after the “proposition” > normally I hate interruptions in the sexual tension but loved how here the interruptions just amped up the sexy
– the yoga studio scene, the bathroom and the barn at Cory’s parents’ house scenes, the dining table scene, the desk at Cory’s office scene > and this is why Cari Quinn is one of my faves, those scenes were off the charts hot!
– Vicky opening up about her mother to Cory > such a beautifully written scene
– the scene at the airport > a sobbing and smiling mess, that’s what Cari Quinn reduces me to upon finishing her books.

Fave Quotes:

He was a distracting combination of megalomaniac and man candy, covered in geektastic frosting that wreaked hell on her hormones.

He had sought a woman who would do her girlfriendly tasks with a minimum of fuss, but Victoria was an oncoming locomotive. Loud, full of steam, and liable to mow a man down if he didn’t move quickly.

Her mouth was his playground, and he claimed it with a carnal patience that set off a desperate pulse in her core.

Adequate? She’d come so hard she’d worried her eyes would stay permanently crossed, and that’s what he had to say for himself?

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