Review: BODY OF WORK by Karla Doyle

Body of Work
Body of Work by Karla Doyle
I don’t know if this is going to be a series, I hope so because I want Sam’s story. But for now I’ll call it a stand-alone book
Format: ebook, 206 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Year of release: 2013, May 1
Source: Bought via Jasmine Jade eBook-Store

My rating: 4,5 of 5 starsAwesome Read

Blurb from Goodreads:
Cassie has fantasized about the ginger-haired personal trainer for months. Brian is friendly, but never more—until he appears on her doorstep and shows her how much her flirting has affected him. The more she’s with him, the more Cassie wants the fairytale, not just hot sex with the six-two hunk. She can give Brian full access to her body, but after her ex’s reaction to her explicit photography business, sharing her secrets, and her heart, isn’t an option.

Brian knows better than to break the rules. Don’t date gym members. Keep his inner beast on a leash during sex. Cassie tested his resolve on number one her first day in the gym. Shattered the second rule when he touched her. The petite pixie shares his preferences in the bedroom. She makes him laugh and love—but past mistakes haunt him, emotionally and tangibly. Cassie’s worth the price he’ll pay for breaking the rules. Now he must convince her to give him her heart.

My Review:
I really enjoyed Karla Doyle’s third book. I was expecting Cassie and Brian and their story to be just as good as the other books and I am happy to report it was. It was definitely hotter than the other books (this is always a good thing) and with every book Doyle’s writing is getting even better.
What doesn’t change is the playful, humorous voice that comes through via her characters and their interactions.

The conflict had me worried for a bit a few chapters in as there were things not said and assumptions made that I just knew were coming back to bite both Brian and Cassie in the butt. However, I loved how the issues (Brian’s and Cassie’s) weren’t drawn out and both of them just didn’t make a big deal over the other one’s issue.

The only minor point of criticism I have is that I missed a little build up in the beginning. Though Cassie and Brian have known each other a couple of months before the book starts it gets hot and heavy BDSM-ish very soon. I understand why as they both are intense and find the same intensity and roughness they both crave for in each other but still I would’ve liked to see a bit more building up towards that first intense sexual encounter.

This being said, I loved the sexy parts of the book! Brian and Cassie match each other perfectly in the sexual sense, they’re uninhibited and aren’t shy about going at it whenever they feel like it. Ms. Doyle was original with the sex scenes and there were numerous times I had to fan myself while reading.

I loved the secondary cast, except for one, in this book. My fave was Sam and I hope to read his book some day. But Brian’s parents and brother are brilliant too. I loved them! The character I didn’t like was so well-written I wanted to dive into the book and kick him in the balls. This character was involved in Brian’s conflict and I was very happy with the way he was dealt with.

There’s been a lot of buzz about dirty talking heroes lately and as one who has been on the look-out for them since I started reading English romance novels in 2006, I can attest to Brian’s dirty talking skills. Hot and bothered was a state I regularly found myself in.

Karla Doyle’s voice and I are a great match. I’ve loved all the books she written and if you’re looking for a super-hot sexy contemporary with great, witty characters and a hero to melt for, definitely give BODY OF WORK a try!

Fave Scene:
– hide and seek during the blackout > awesome scene, oh and did I mention hot? Muy hot!
– Cassie’s visit to Brian’s parents for the first time > loved this scene for many reasons, Fiona (Brian’s mom) was one of them.

Fave Quotes:

“You dropped your—” The door inched open. Wide open. Holy hell, there went his jaw, all the way to the ground. He’d seen Cassie in gym clothes and street clothes. Hot, sexy, adorable—those descriptions all fit, depending on the moment. Cassie in a silky, Oriental-patterned robe that barely reached the tops of her thighs and didn’t close all that well in the front, wet hair framing her face…a word didn’t exist to describe the sight.

Even as a card-carrying member of the I Love C#ck society, Cassie couldn’t help staring at Beth’s perfect rack,

Trust Sam to say exactly what he meant. The women he dated didn’t always appreciate that quality, but Brian did. Honesty beat the hell out of pussyfooting around and lies any day.

Haggis, in particular, sounded nasty. Then again, there’d been a time she felt that way about butt plugs.

“I don’t deserve you.”
“You’re right, you deserve a hell of a lot better. I’m just hoping you’ll settle for an unemployed brute with a criminal record who’d do anything for you.”

2 thoughts on “Review: BODY OF WORK by Karla Doyle

  1. Thank you for the amazing review! I’m so happy you enjoyed Brian and Cassie’s book. I was nervous when you started reading it!
    Yes, I am working on Sam’s book! I would also love to write one for Ian. Keep nagging me so I get them finished. And yes, I know I owe you a short story about “the key”. ;)

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