Beyond Innocence (Beyond, #6)Beyond Innocence by Kit Rocha
Beyond #6
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As always the world with its politics and the way the sectors and Eden work and entwine held me captivated. The combination of filthy dirty sex, heart-wrenching feelings and romance, fascinating intrigue and downright pulse-pounding fist-, knife- and gunfights is one I only find in the Beyond series and it’s a potent mix that keeps me coming back for more.

Lili made my heart ache. I wanted to open my arms and embrace her in a tight hug. She was so broken and yet determined to heal and find her true self. Jared surprised me with what was beneath the male prostitute. A man with honor and willing to put himself on the line for the sake of others.

Together they kept me glued to the pages, wanting to read when I was supposed to be doing other things like sleep, work and entertaining visitors. I just wanted more and more. More Lili, more Jared, more Lili and Jared, more Jared and Lili. This book and its main characters had so many layers I enjoyed peeling to get to the core of it, which is always love.

I loved how the Rachel, Ace and Cruz triad had an extensive role in this book. Especially during one specific beautifully filthy scene. They are still my favorite pairing of the series and I can never get enough of reading about them, their love and the dirty things they do.

Every time I read a Beyond book I fall in love a bit more with the world, the characters who live in it and the authors who create it.

Favorite Quotes:
Numbness was a distant memory. She was alive, so sensitive that the slightest shift of her dress over her skin made her shiver with each indrawn breath.
Just from looking at him. If he touched her again, she’d probably break apart. No one could survive so much heat after a lifetime of ice.

Lili clutched Rachel’s hand and tried to remember when she’d become a creature made of nothing but want and sinful hunger so dirty she bit back a whimper.

“The first time you kissed me, I felt like the desert, and you were the rain. So much rain, I thought you’d wash me away. But I’m not the desert. I’m the flowers.” […] She wasn’t the desert or the flowers. She wasn’t ice or steel. She was a goddamn diamond, formed under terrible pressure, as hard and unforgiving as the rock Logan had put on her finger.
And she’d cut the fuck out of anyone who didn’t get out of her way.

“Fine, you’re both badasses,” Ace grumbled as he smoothed the gel over Jared’s wrists. “Panties fall off when you enter a room. Virgins swoon.”
“Don’t worry, Santana,” Jared said dryly. “You’re still the king of disintegrating lingerie.”
“He doesn’t care,” Cruz said, curling a hand around the back of Ace’s neck. “He prefers taking it off with his own two hands. Or his teeth.”


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