QuickScore-Review: THE FEARLESS MAVERICK by Robyn Grady

Driven to succeed, Alex’s only desire is to win, win, win—at all costs! A champion race-car driver, he lives like he drives—fast, reckless and always number one. But after a huge crash, with his racing career facing ruin, Alex must confront his biggest fear: failure.

Physio Libby Henderson is there to help him get back to fitness, and all Alex wants to do is get physical! Libby’s dealt with more challenging things in life, but it’s taking all of her professionalism to keep this stubborn playboy at bay!

Author: Robyn Grady
Series: The Notorious Wolfes, book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Books, Harlequin Presents
Year of release: 2011, September 27
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Source: Bought via The BookDepository

First line:
The moment Alex Wolfe’s car went airborne, he knew the situation was bad.

Memorable Scenes:
– their weekend on the Gold Coast > highlight: dancing on the beach, loved that scene!

Alex Wolfe and Libby Anderson are the main couple of this fourth installment in the Notorious Wolfes series. They are a race car diver and the physiotherapist who has to nurse him back into his race car after a shoulder injury during second race of the season.

Alex is disarmingly charming beneath a veneer of steel determination. His rough past made him the man he is now. Libby is as tenacious as Alex is. She carries the consequences of her surfing accident with poise and grace but there are times insecurity creeps up on her. I loved the chemistry between Alex and Libby. It was completely in line with the rest of the series with Libby as the feisty young woman falling under the magical thrall of yet another enigmatic and seductive Wolfe sibling.

As a Formula 1 fan I was delighted with the setting. I loved reading the racing stuff and through Libby’s character it was also shown that the author knew a lot and or did her research on physical therapy as well.

I also really liked Robyn Grady’s writing style. It was fluent, fast-paced and engaging. Combined with the characters’ chemistry, snappy dialogues and the themes that were much to my liking I utterly enjoyed this 4th installment in The Notorious Wolfes series.

Favorite Quotes:
This man’s power to captivate with a single look, the slightest touch, was palpable. She’d like to meet the woman who was immune to the magic of that smile. Charm was as instinctive to this man as taking a corner at death-defying speeds.

Giddy. He whipped up a hurricane inside of her, a dark powerful storm that tossed her off course and hurled her places that promised such blissful satisfaction.


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